Cave Kustoms

Social Strategy Video

Cave Kustoms

Cave Kustoms in Bellville, Cape Town, is a custom bike shop making a roar among the competition.

Started by Carlo Keyser as more of a man cave than anything else, it soon became more like a “bikeseum”, as he showcases his private collection of beautiful beasts.

Lunchbox was asked to develop a video media strategy for the shop, which we quickly accepted. The beauty of a place like this, is that no matter where you point the camera… you’re going to get a good shot.

Our initial strategy included a mini-documentary (available here) and ten social media snippet videos (available on YouTube).

Changing the Game

Changing the Game is a series of training videos featuring Doctor Khumalo as a cartoon. In 2015 Metropolitan launched the Changing the Game campaign, this campaign was aimed at educating the financial advisors on the approach that Metropolitan have in approaching customers. The Changing the Game video series, highlights key issues that face financial advisors in the modern industry of financial wellness.